CXT Gantry Crane

An even better fit

When you don't have room for a standard elevated runway, our CXT gantry crane is a great option. It is as available semi and full gantry options with lifting capacity up to 30 tons*. The CXT gantry crane uses our well-known CXT wire rope hoist, and includes a comprehensive set of features and options.

With span up to 25 meters*, height of lift up to 12 meters* and runway up to 120 meters*, CXT gantry crane is an ideal product for both indoor and outdoor use. The CXT gantry crane is available in several different girder designs and trolley configurations, which gives you the best fit for your purpose.

*By request capacity up to 80t, lifting height up to 10-15m, span up to 30-40m, runway up to 240m is available.

Make the most of your working area

With specially-designed steel structure, the CXT gantry crane can fit into different kinds of buildings and areas. The compact CXT hoist maximizes the use of space and allows efficient work around the crane. With CXT gantry crane you can maximize the operating area and build your production in multiple layers.

Multiple safety features make the crane safe to use. Flexible structure guarantees, that crane doesn't get stuck during the traveling movement and safety loops help avoid collisions. Derailment catches are used with semi gantry and rail cleaners help ensure smooth crane movement. There are flashing beacons for both driving directions and e-stops according to crane dimensions. Optional compact gantry gear with cover to save space is also available.

Long-term investment

Inside the CXT hoist there are components that have been developed and made in-house, to function as they should in the specific lifting applications of each industry. This is an example of how our deep knowledge of industrial processes is built into our products.

Through the latest technology, regular maintenance and outstanding global customer service, the CXT gantry crane should give you optimal performance for the entire lifetime of your equipment.

Contact Konecranes to discuss how the CXT gantry crane suits your lifting needs.