Smart Features for speed and precision

Improved safety, speed and positioning

Konecranes overhead cranes are available with software-based intelligence, Smart Features, which gives you control over material handling in your production process. For automotive industry especially Hook centering, Snag prevention, Active sway control, Sway control and Protected areas are valuable features improving safety and productivity.

With Target Positioning and Sway Control one can pick up a 60-ton die and take it where it needs to go with no hesitation, no load swing, and no overshoot. Target Positioning moves the load from one of eight home positions to one of 120 pre-defined target positions. The operator dials the location of the die on his radio control, pushes a button, and the crane drives to that location to pick up the die, reducing work cycle times and the risk of human error in repetitive operations.

Hook Centering helps eliminate side pull, using an infrared camera system to automatically center the hook over the load before lifting is allowed. The camera interface will also stop the crane from moving if the load catches on an obstruction, a feature known as Snag Prevention. Protected Areas sets no-go areas for the crane by placing spatial restrictions on trolley traversing and bridge traveling movement, barring the crane from entering user-defined three-dimensional spaces.

All of these technologies reduce the risk of accidents, equipment collisions and load damage, and help protect people, products and infrastructure.

Smart features for automotive industry

Over the years we have developed many Smart Features, that are especially helpful for a crane operator in the automotive production environment. These include:

  • Sway Control
  • Micro Speed
  • Inching
  • Target positioning
  • Protected areas
  • ESR
  • Hook Centering
  • Snag Prevention
  • Active Sway control
  • Slack rope prevention
  • Shock load prevention
  • Brake opening supervision

See the features in action.


Smart Features - Hook Centering

Smart Features - Snag Prevention