Power and agility central to Konecranes new CXT NEO crane

Corporate press releases

Konecranes has further increased the diversity of its industrial cranes product offering following the launch of the new and innovative CXT NEO Crane. Created to redefine the standards when it comes to general lifting applications, the CXT NEO Crane’s design encompasses four key elements – agility, power, ergonomics and preventative maintenance.

Available configured as a single or double girder, or as an under-running solution, CXT NEO’s power comes in the form of Inverter Hoisting (ASR) technology that not only improves lifting speeds by up to 50%, but which delivers precise load positioning and controlled slow and step less speed control. Such power features not only contribute to greater production efficiencies, they increase product lifespan whilst reducing potential maintenance costs.

Supplied with grey or yellow main girder, the NEO solution also features an advanced Energy Chain, the simplified design of which eliminates the need for additional associated parts normally associated with a festoon system. In addition to maximising working space under the girder, by moving along a canal fastened to the main girder, the composite chain delivers enhanced operational safety by protecting the power and control cables. This serves to thereby reduce mechanical wear and the risk of external damage as no electrical cables hang from the crane’s structure.

Operationally, the NEO crane benefits from an ergonomically designed, single-grip Mini Joystick radio that is lightweight and easy to use. In addition to featuring a joystick that controls the travelling movement of the crane and hoist, lowering and lifting is accomplished by push buttons to deliver step less movements. Also incorporated are a multi-function key and an emergency stop button.

Completing the NEO Crane’s standard features is Konecranes TRUCONNECT remote service package that allows customers to monitor crane usage with a view to helping improve safety and optimising maintenance decisions. NEO Crane can also be specified with Extended Warranty cover for up to 10 years.             

Commenting on the launch of the CXT NEO Crane, Gordon Adie, Sales Director UK and West Europe said: “We are confident that the CXT NEO Crane will be widely accepted by customers across many industry sectors. Not only does it stands as a powerful and versatile lifting solution, the decision to include TRUCONNECT as a standard feature will serve to widen its appeal further.”

Anyone seeking further information relating to Konecranes new CXT NEO Crane should contact Freephone 0808 2929256, or visit the website at www.konecranes.co.uk/NEO