Oil analysis

Thanks to the Oil Analysis, the crane runs smoothly

Our oil analysis protects your cranes and hoists – giving you actionable information to provide the highest lifecycle value, efficiency and safety on your equipment. Combined with regular oil change intervals Oil Analysis minimises unnecessary repairs and increases the availability of your equipment.

While a good clean oil will protect your gears from wear, the opposite is also true, as a degraded or contaminated oil will accelerate the wear. In addition, the oil condition signals if something is wrong.

We analyse the oil on all cranes and hoists where it is possible to take a sample – especially recommended for high-performance lifting gears that require cost intensive oils or costly downtime.

Our service and MAINMAN maintenance services now include an oil analysis of the critical gearboxes. Konecranes is able to recognise a problem early on, based on such symptoms as contamination or wearing particles to recommend when a repair of the gearbox is required.

Detailed insights for optimal planning

A detailed analysis report is made available online in the customer portal yourKONECRANES.com This gives you an in-depth insight into the condition of the oil as well as the mechanical condition of your gears and bearings. The oil analysis helps you plan together with our experts the optimal time for oil replacement, gearbox repairs, overhauls or future modernisation needs of your equipment.

An easy to read Oil Analysis Report, allowing you to make informed decisions based on the scientific evidence relating to the concentration of wear on metals and other machine parts.

The condition of the gearbox oil affects the life span of mechanical components
• Changing the oil at the right time protects your machinery
• Early detection of wear and operational problems prevents costly repairs, unnecessary maintenance, and unplanned downtime
• The analysis report enables well-founded decisions on repair, maintenance, and overhaul of the systems
• Increases efficiency, availability, performance, productivity, and safety of your crane systems and hoists

Why conduct an Oil Analysis? A few reasons:

• The condition of your gearbox oil has a direct impact on the life of the mechanical components inside.
• Typical oil change routines do not analyse the oil condition or the elements which identify wearing parts or possible mechanical failure.
• Identify the necessary oil changes to protect your machinery.
• Identify the start of mechanical failures at an early stage to reduce costly repairs, unnecessary maintenance tasks and unplanned downtime.
• Detailed and easily interpreted scientific analysis to make informed decisions on the mechanical condition of gears and bearings for informed repairs, general overhauls and the modernisation of requirements.
• An analysis may identify the opportunity to extend the oil change intervals and avoid unnecessary maintenance.
• To increase equipment efficiency, uptime, output, productivity and safety.
• Knowledge is power! An oil analysis gives you critical insights.

An oil analysis is especially recommended for process cranes, such as double girder, semi-gantry and gantry cranes with larger hoist gearboxes and expensive or large amounts of oil.

For further information please contact your local service centre. We will be pleased to help you.