Control Modernisations

You may want to increase speed and lifting capacity, enhance operator ergonomics and comfort, or apply new safety features and positioning capabilities. Select from a variety of power and control upgrades.


DC and AC long-life motors are designed and built for harsh environments and rugged use. Many options are available including AC squirrel cage motors, external blower motors and DC mill motors.

Control System Upgrade

If your overhead crane uses an older control system, upgrade to current technology and more advanced systems for ergonomics and load control.

Ergonomic Operator Cab and Armchair

Konecranes award-winning operator cabs provide an enclosed, insulated, air conditioned workspace with maximum visibility. A deluxe console chair offers optimum comfort to the operator.

Long Travel Drives

Drives can be upgraded with heavy-duty foot mounted gearboxes. Shaft mounted motor reducers can also be installed.

Power Supply: Festoon or Energy Chain

Festoon systems increase safety by replacing wear-prone open conductors and collectors. Energy Chain is an alternative that protects the power and control cables from mechanical wear and reduces the risk of external damage.

Radio Control 

Floor operated controls allow the operator to have a good view of the load on the hook and to manually assist it, if necessary. These controls can be equipped with real-time load data.

Upper Limit Switches

Provide upper-limit protection to prevent the bottom block from damaging the drum and cable.

Save Energy, add Power

With regenerative braking, power is sent back to the power grid during every downward or decelerated motion, instead of being dissipated by resistors. With more energy returned to the grid, less energy needs to be produced—leading to increased cost savings.

Smart Features

Our cranes are available with software-based Smart Features that improve safety and productivity. Available Smart Features include Sway Control, Shock Load Prevention, Slack Rope Prevention, Hoisting Synchronisation, Inching, Microspeed, Extended Speed Range, Target Positioning, End Positioning, Working Limits and Protected Areas. You can upgrade your crane with additional Smart Features as your requirements change.

Automation Technology

Automated features improve efficiency and precision while allowing crane operators to pay increased attention to the surrounding work environment, promoting safer and more productive operations. Konecranes has engineered application-specific, fully automated cranes, including coker cranes designed with travelling hoppers that deliver coke to rail cars as well as automated paper storage cranes that significantly increase storage capacity and available space.

Remote Monitoring

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring provides you with usage data that enables you to optimise maintenance activities and visualise maintenance and application compliance. The data gives you confidence to plan your actions and make informed decisions regarding maintenance investments and productivity. Add SAFETY ALERTS so your crane can send you an email or text message after an attempted overload or any other predefined safety-related event.