Warehouse Management System with tablet user-interface

Efficient use of space and time

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) with tablet user-interface can help increase productivity and efficiency in many ways.

When dies are transported between press bolsters and die warehouse, the warehouse management takes care of bookkeeping and helps you to monitor and manage inventory online. Data is always up-to-date.

WMS gives direct instructions for cranes to make the die moves and makes sure that it is safe and space efficient. WMS combined with automation/semi-automation increases operator safety and keeps them further away from load handling danger zone. Level of automation can also reduce long-term costs.

The Warehouse Management System can give the conveyor/AGV control system destinations for the materials and inform the conveyor/AGV system of the most suitable input location in the warehouse. This way the warehouse is optimally filled and the transfer times inside the warehouse are minimized.


Automotive WLS tablet