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Let us help make your operation safer and more productive

Join us for the Konecranes Learning Series

Konecranes is here to help you maintain productivity while protecting your workers. Mark your calendar for more of our Konecranes Learning Series, where, as always, our objective is to improve the safety and productivity of our customers' operations. 


Here's what coming up next in our series. You can register for next webinar in the series by following the link at the bottom of this page. 

Revolutionary Hoisting Technology for the Most Safety and Productivity Gains
Hosted by Chuck Snook
Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 11AM ET



Past webinars available to view:

The 5 Most Important Crane Training Courses for your Personnel and Why
Hosted by David Sabo

Crane Reliability Study
Petroleum and Gas | Pulp and Paper

Hosted by Erin Eberts

Setting Up a Sensible Spare Parts Strategy
Hosted by Roger Persson

Mitigating Risk: Evaluating the compliance status of your crane's inspection and maintenance program
Hosted by Mike Brown


Digitizing your pre-shift inspections
Hosted by Jim Skowron


Protection against catastrophic failures | The importance of gear case inspections
Hosted by Jack Barch, Mike Brown