CLX & SLX Electric Chain Hoist

A Konecranes electric chain hoist is an ergonomic and efficient lifting partner supporting everyday processes. It can lift up to 5,000 kg and enable fast, smooth and precise movement. We design our hoists to work well with the operator to bring out the best in both.

High quality components

Every product we make represents quality. The motor, brake and gear are designed specifically for lifting purposes and manufactured in-house to ensure high quality from the very beginning.

Safety is everything

We continuously improve the safety of our products. For example, the brake and the slipping clutch are designed to prevent the load from dropping or micro-slipping, increasing operator safety. Advanced features such as programmable limit switches, electronic overload protection as well as clutch and brake supervision through pulse sensors are available for SLX.

Top user-experience and performance

Good ergonomics make the hoists safer and easier to use, giving you better work efficiency. A hook block with a solid rubber grip improves both mechanical function and operator comfort. A compact size of the hoist means better approach dimensions and a more efficient use of space.

Adaptable across industries

With a wide range of customizable options, advanced features and a choice of lifting speeds, the CLX and SLX electric chain hoists easily adjust to meet the lifting demands of various industries.

Easy maintenance

Easy serviceability and simple maintenance access mean less downtime. Hoists are equipped with a maintenance-free gearbox and self-adjusting magnetic brake that does not need adjustment over its lifetime. The same components are used in all frame sizes, reducing the number of spare parts required.

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