ControlPro Retrofit

With ControlPro, you can add overload protection to any hoist on an overhead crane. It also records crane usage data for maintenance planning purposes. ControlPro is available as a retrofit package for all cranes, regardless of type, brand or age.

Thousands of ControlPro units have already been installed on different types of cranes to improve the efficient use of the crane. In addition to overloads, the ControlPro Retrofit is also able to capture other usage data from the hoist such as:

Safety-related issues: Emergency stops, overloads and overheating.    
Production statistics: Hoist motor starts, work cycles and running hours.

Service life: Hoist brake, hoist machinery and hoist structure.

The data can be used to plan maintenance by linking ControlPro to Konecranes TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring.

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