MAINMAN Assessment

Preventive Maintenance Supported by Technology and Expertise

In the United States, our MAINMAN Assessment is the foundation for the CARE Preventive Maintenance Program. It is a preventive maintenance inspection that provides a baseline for planning, tracking, reporting and maintenance consultation with our customers. Our consultative approach is supported by our unique MAINMAN technology, proprietary Risk and Recommendation Method and global maintenance expertise. This assessment is unique in the overhead crane industry and is designed to provide an in-depth picture of the condition of your equipment, while simultaneously fulfilling the requirements of your periodic compliance inspection in the U.S. Our certified inspectors use Konecranes proprietary maintenance software, MAINMAN, to perform detailed preventive maintenance assessments.

Get a MAINMAN Assessment to Meet Compliance Requirements

The preventive maintenance inspection included in MAINMAN Assessment is the most complete inspection that Konecranes offers. It satisfies all of the requirements for the OSHA periodic compliance inspection. MAINMAN Assessment records detailed preventive maintenance opportunities and actions.

MAINMAN Technology Gives You an Improved Way to Approach Maintenance and Inspection Service

When it comes to crane inspections and maintenance, Konecranes brings decades of experience supported by our proprietary MAINMAN software platform. We can provide you with more intelligent, more responsive customer care by bringing you greater visibility to your equipment and service history.

Our advanced approach includes:
• Paperless service and inspection reports
• Integrated business reviews and safety reviews
• A web portal that provides real-time browser-based access to your equipment data and maintenance history
• Improved safety reporting that highlights safety-related issues and risks

Choose Konecranes for Technicians Equipped with MAINMAN technology

MAINMAN allows us to input inspection data, submit quotes, order parts and equipment and schedule service calls remotely from your location in real-time. With MAINMAN technology, our technicians can give you increased foresight to improve scheduling and service planning. They can even provide you with electronic reporting that contains real-time information pertaining to inspections or planned repairs.

See how a MAINMAN assessment can help raise the bar at your facility. Contact Konecranes for a quote today.

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