Risk and Recommendation Method

The Approach used in Our Crane Service Programs

Utilizing a global network of skilled local technicians and a proprietary Risk and Recommendation Method, we take a unique, consultative approach to crane maintenance.

During the Risk and Recommendation Method, each component is inspected in order to ascertain its condition. Failures, deficiencies and violations are documented and assigned one of three risk types: safety, production or undetermined. In addition, a variety of improvement opportunities can be identified. Recommended actions are determined and discussed with you.

The most critical risk type, a safety risk, indicates the risk of injury or danger. If a safety risk is identified, the equipment is unsafe to use before it is repaired or otherwise returned to an acceptable condition. A production risk indicates a risk of disruption to or loss to production due to the potential failure of a component. Undetermined condition indicates that the condition could not be verified through visual inspection, under the scope of services provided, as a result of asset configuration and obstruction. When we note an undertermined condition, we would normally recommend a deeper look at the component using a Consultation Services product.

No matter what service is being performed, Konecranes Risk and Recommendation Method drives our inspection and consultative approach and provides you with documented safety and production action items.