Service Programs

The CARE Preventive Maintenance Program is our most popular service offering. It has been designed to improve your equipment safety and productivity through the systematic application of preventive maintenance inspections, routine maintenance, our proprietary Risk and Recommendation Method, and remote monitoring technology, where available. When combined with corrective maintenance, retrofits and consultation services, lifecycle value is maximized.

The CARE Program is tailored to your specific needs. We take into account crane usage, the operating environment, duty classification, the manufacturer’s recommendations and local regulations.

To support fast and reliable decision-making regarding maintenance, our inspection findings, together with prioritized risks and recommended actions, are reviewed with you on a regular basis. Please check our Consultative Approach and MAINMAN Assessment for further details.



If you're looking for a more comprehensive maintenance agreement that goes beyond preventive maintenance, you may want to consider our COMMITMENT Maintenance Program. This program offers broad-scope maintenance outsourcing. The scope of each COMMITMENT agreement normally includes preventive maintenance activities, periodic compliance inspections, wearing parts replacement, preauthorized repairs and additional service products that meet the unique conditions of your site and operations. A prerequisite of each COMMITMENT agreement is a detailed feasibility study and, where necessary, repairs to bring the equipment to a suitable operating condition.


The COMPLETE Maintenance and Operations Program is our most tailored service agreement. It is designed to accommodate customers who would like to completely outsource their maintenance and the operation of their equipment. Under this program, Konecranes collaborates with you to establish material handling and performance objectives for your equipment and processes. Each COMPLETE Program is normally based on a long-term agreement and therefore requires a detailed evaluation process with mutually agreed terms.



The CONDITION Inspection Program is designed help you comply with local statutory requirements and support your in-house maintenance. These inspections provide accurate information on deficiencies and violations as defined by regulations and our own experience. Trained and qualified professionals perform the inspections. The CONDITION Program gives you access to our inspection expertise with online reporting and allows you to try our other services as needed.


CONTACT is our most basic on-demand service, typically for emergency repairs, spare parts, breakdown response and other ad hoc needs. Our teams are trained to understand the unique requirements of all crane makes, regardless of the original manufacturer, and provide maintenance in accordance with OEM specifications. In fact, two-thirds of the cranes we service are from brands other than our own. With CONTACT, we can prove ourselves to you one transaction at a time.

Please contact us to request more information about our service programs.

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