Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance utilizes condition monitoring, advanced inspections, and data analytics to predict component or equipment failure. Incorporating predictive maintenance elements as part of a Konecranes CARE Preventive Maintenance program can further optimize maintenance activities, reduce unplanned downtime and improve equipment safety, productivity and lifecycle value. 

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring and other specific service products that support predictive maintenance must be included in the overall service program. Remote monitoring is used to collect equipment condition and usage data which is aggregated with the inspection and maintenance data enabling a comprehensive view and analysis of equipment condition, maintenance and operation. Analyzing and identifying anomalies, patterns and trends helps us make informed, component-specific predictions, and prioritize recommendations and actions. 

Recommendations to repair or replace components are driven by a combination of preventive and predictive maintenance activities. Pre-authorized repairs may be agreed in advance with the customer, allowing Konecranes to proactively perform work, saving both time and money. These recommendations are shared throughout our customer consultation process and all this information is available in near real-time in our customer portal,; e-mail and text messages may be used to push notifications and alerts.

In addition, we may use this data to optimize the overall service program as it comes to program scope and service product intervals as well as to support the planning and budgeting of retrofits, overhauls, modernizations or outright replacements when needed.  

Addressing the critical components of each piece of lifting equipment

The critical components of each piece of equipment are individually addressed and specific recommendations are provided throughout our customer consultation process. Equipment and component-level remaining-life dashboards and graphs are displayed in; available data, remaining theoretical life estimates and methodology may vary by equipment make and model.

Hoist and Trolley: The remaining theoretical design life is continuously calculated based on equipment usage data from TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring. This measure can indicate when a tear-down inspection, General Overhaul or replacement is required.

Hoist Brake: The remaining theoretical life of the hoist brake is evaluated in two ways. First, it is estimated based on the number of hoist motor starts and number of emergency stops using data from TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring. Second, and more accurately, using TRUCONNECT Brake Monitoring; the brake opening current provides an indirect measurement of the brake air gap / pad wear.

Hoist Motor and Contactors: By analyzing the number of running hours, starts and stops, and over-temperature events that are collected through TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring, as well as maintenance and failure data, we can provide replacement recommendations. Similar data is used in estimating the remaining theoretical life of the hoist motor contactors.

Gear Case: Inspection of the internal gear case components is required at intervals recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, oil analysis combined with operational data can be a good predictor of gear case failure and can be easily performed during any scheduled preventive maintenance visit. Equipment usage data from TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring may be used in the evaluation of these intervals and shortened intervals may be recommended when warranted by heavy usage and/or other events. 

Wire Rope: Regular magnetic rope inspections can be a predictor of wire rope fatigue failure. This is highly recommended in critical and process duty applications. In addition, equipment usage data from TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring can be used as part of an overall rope life study, analyzing usage, designed duty class and rope reeving/sheave configuration.  

Hook/Hook Block: Visual inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) of the hook and internal hook block components are required at intervals recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, equipment usage data from TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring may be used in the evaluation of these intervals and shortened intervals may be recommended when warranted by heavy usage and/or other events. 

Electrics and Mechanical: Through our extensive equipment maintenance base, we possess a vast statistical knowledge of component lifetimes. This data is used to develop repair and replacement guidelines specific to each component.

Advanced Controls: Advanced digital controls, variable frequency drives and Smart Features provide additional data through TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring that can be used for diagnostics and analytics.   

Crane / Crane Structure: Equipment usage data from TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring, as well as maintenance and performance histories, will be the foundation of any Crane Reliability Study and/or End of Life Study. Due to the availability of data, the time to perform the analysis is shortened, and the results will be inherently more accurate. This enables true fact-based decision making as it comes to modernization or replacement decisions.

With the combined data from all the equipment we service around the globe, we steadily improve our understanding of equipment and component behavior and further develop our data analytics algorithms. We are continuously collecting and analyzing maintenance and usage data on hundreds of thousands of pieces of lifting equipment of all types, makes and brands.  

Service Products required to implement Predictive Maintenance

While most service products are individually available, all applicable service products must be selected to incorporate predictive maintenance elements into the CARE Preventive Maintenance Program. It is the combination of these products, the use of analytics and our consultation process that makes predictive maintenance possible.​

​​Service Products and Applicability 

​TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring​​​: ​All wire rope hoists*

TRUCONNECT Brake Monitoring: ​Konecranes CXT & SMARTON – select models

​Oil Analysis: ​Critical / process duty cranes

​Advanced Gear Case Inspection: ​As recommended by the manufacturer

​Coupling Inspection​As recommended by the manufacturer

​RopeQ Magnetic Rope Inspection: ​Critical / process duty cranes

​Hook / Hook Shank Inspection​: ​As recommended by the manufacturer

*available data, remaining-life estimates and methodology may vary by equipment make and model​ 

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