Automated Container Handling

Field-proven and hands-on

The Konecranes approach to automated container handling is built on experience from the field and deep knowledge of container crane design and operation. Our approach is both pragmatic and forward-looking. We are constantly developing new automation technologies in the light of what we know from customer sites.

Brownfield and greenfield

Our automation approach encompasses greenfield terminals, brownfield terminals and retrofittable automation features. We are the only company that supplies both Automated RMG and Automated RTG systems on a large commercial scale. Our Automated RTG system was developed from our field-proven Automated RMG system, working at some of the world’s leading automated container terminals.

Evolution path to full automation

With Konecranes, you can move your RTG-based container terminal to full automation step by step, block by block, learning as you go. You can start by retrofitting your cranes with driver assistance features, including electrifcation retrofits as appropriate.