EXN Electric Chain Hoists for Zone 1/2/21

Superior performance and outstanding safety


    The Konecranes EXN electric chain hoist offers the highest level of safety and reliability needed in a hazardous environment. Designed specifically for use in high-risk areas, the EXN hoist can lift up to 5 tons and follows the strict ATEX requirements.

    An ergonomic user interface allows the operator to fully concentrate on lifting, while advanced speed control and motor technology offers fast and accurate load handling. Flameproofing, EX enclosures and epoxy paint give physical surfaces strong protection.

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product features

The Konecranes EXN Electric Chain Hoist for Zone 1/2/21 has the following standard features:

•    Electrical components and motors designed and built to explosion-proof regulations
•    Stationary, hook suspended, push or motorized trolley options
•    Ergonomic user interface
•    48V contactor controls
•    Innovative mechanical configuration prevents sparking
•    Slipping clutch to prevent overload
•    Accessible maintenance points


The Konecranes EXN Electric Chain Hoist for Zone 1/2/21 offers the following benefits:

•    Easy to use with lots of options and customizable to your exact lifting requirements

•    Variable headroom and compact dimensions make the best use of working space available

•    Gives a high level of protection and consistency ideal for hazardous environments

High level of performance and reliability

Konecranes EX equipments are specially designed for the demanding requirements of hazardous environments. Our design quality, technical expertise and after-sales service ensure your equipment remains safe to run and fully operational throughout a long and productive lifecycle. To find out more, read our brochure for the complete range and contact us today.

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Contact us to learn more about how the Konecranes EXN electric chain hoist can fulfill your lifting needs.

A useful addition to your team

The EXN hoist is one of the the core hoists of the EX electric chain hoist crane. You can get a new EXN hoist for your existing EX crane, or get a whole brand new EX chain hoist crane equipped with EXN hoist. Either way, you'll discover the benefits of the Konecranes EXN technology. It's in a class of its own. Contact Konecranes to know more about EXN hoists and how it can contribute to your lifting needs.


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