Becoming a Supplier

Want to become a supplier for Konecranes?

Konecranes suppliers play an important role in ensuring that our competitive products and services meet the quality expectations and are delivered in time. We are interested of all supplier offerings that can enhance Konecranes products and services or our own operations.

All new Suppliers must be qualified before commencing any business with Konecranes. This qualification requires Suppliers and subcontractors to satisfy the following main characteristics:

•    Compliance with the Konecranes Supplier Code of Conduct
•    Compliance with the requirements of Konecranes Values and Policies
•    Financially sound and cost-effective operations
•    Compliance with performance requirements and expectations related to Quality, Availability and Delivery times.

A new Konecranes Supplier is a company that has not conducted business with Konecranes over the preceding 3 years.

Supplier Onboarding Process

Supplier Onboarding Process


Please see further details about Supplier onboarding and qualification criteria from the Konecranes Global Supplier Manual. If you are a startup, your journey starts from

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Konecranes Global Supplier Manual

Updated June 2024