Reverse engineering


Reverse engineering for obsolete parts

Replacement parts can be manufactured through reverse engineering for any make and model of overhead crane. Reverse engineering solves the problem when crane parts are obsolete or the OEM is no longer in business. Reverse engineering can also be used when the original drawings have been lost, destroyed or you don't have access to them.


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Engaging the reverse engineering process allows for enhancements to the material, design or manufacturing process that can improve performance and the overall life span of the part. These enhancements may also extend to the entire assembly, enabling your equipment to run more efficiently while extending the life of your equipment.

Konecranes can reverse engineer about any crane part other than major structural members. Common reverse engineered parts include:

  • Bridge and trolley wheels
  • Wheel assemblies
  • Gears and gear trains
  • Gear cases
  • Rope drums
  • Hook blocks
  • Rope sheaves


Reverse engineering process

We initiate the process with a consultation to identify specific parts needs and areas for design improvement. We then gather more data with either an existing parts analysis, measurement of the parts on-site or submitting a drawing of the part you need. 

Our engineering team then evaluates the data and completes the detailed design process making upgrades that satisfy ANSI and CMAA standards, or address specific performance needs. Konecranes quality specialists inspect and test the manufactured part or assembly. We can also facilitate testing for special standards if required. Once the part passes inspection and testing, we ship it to you. We also assign a part number to each reverse engineered part to facilitate quick re-ordering and delivery.


Equivalent parts for motors, brakes and electrical components

Many of our equivalent parts are reverse engineered and designed specifically to replace certain parts. These include rope guides, ropes, rope sheaves, travel wheels and hook blocks. Equivalent parts are competitively priced and backed by a Konecranes warranty. You can find equivalent parts on Konecranes STORE.