Smart CXT crane


Lifting businesses by understanding them

Production facilities are busy and complex places: materials coming in, parts being moved around and finished products going out. Cranes and employees must operate safely, quickly and smoothly and Konecranes can help.

Based on our extensive experience in a wide range of industries, Konecranes can provide the right solution for your process. We can help you save time and money, keep your people and valuable products safe, increase your productivity and give you peace of mind. How do we do this? Simple—with Smart Features.


What are Smart Features?3d_cxt_single_girder_crane_us_ca

Konecranes CXT cranes are available with software-based intelligence—Smart Features—that give you total control over your process tasks. Our Smart Features can help you improve safety and productivity from two perspectives:

  • Load control: Steady movement with maximum load control leads to improved productivity with shorter load cycle times as well as greater safety for your operators and work environment.
  • Positioning and area control: Get more control over the working area of the crane, improving the efficiency and accuracy of load positioning by adapting the available space to the physical layout of your production line.

Did you know that a crane with sway control is 60% faster than an ordinary crane?* Our experts can help you choose the right Smart Features for you application and you can always add additional Smart Features in the future as your needs change.


*According to a study by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology. (A. Khalid, W. Singhose, J. Huey and J. Lawrence: Study of operational behavior, learning and performance using an input-shaped bridge crane. Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE International Conference on Crontrol Applications, 2004, pp. 759-764)


CXT crane technical video

Sway control system