Smart Controller

Intelligent crane control, better load control

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Konecranes offers a variety of Smart Features for the fast, precise and safe handling of smart cranes. The Smart Crane Controller is a great way for novice or experienced operators to drive their overhead cranes with confidence. This advanced remote control system, sometimes referred to as a Human Interface to Machine (HIM) remote control, allows operators to operate their overhead crane in order to control the load, activate Smart Features and see the exact position of the hoist.

When Smart Features are activated, the graphical display shows alerts that detail the current state of the Smart Feature in use. For example, when the Working Limits Smart Feature is in use and a previously defined limit is being approached, the display will flash a symbol that indicates that the crane is too close to the limit, alerting the operator to either temporarily remove the limit or navigate away.

Ergonomic crane radio controllers

Novice or experienced crane operators can benefit from the graphical displays, twin joysticks and dials for activating each Smart Feature on our advanced HIM remote controller. The user-friendly design provides a clear view of the available features, which are able to control the crane at the touch or turn of a button. The large emergency stop (E-Stop) button directly on the controller provides an OSHA-compliant way for the operator to stop the crane at a moment’s notice in the event of an emergency situation.

Crane Operator Training

Ask your Konecranes representative about our Crane Operator training for the operators in your facility so they can learn how to take full advantage of the available Smart Crane features.

Contact Konecranes for a quote on a Smart Controller or to learn more about Crane Operator Training. Crane Operator Training can be performed at your facility by one of our trained professionals or at the Konecranes Training Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.