Agilon System: Streamlined User Interfaces, Integrations and Mobile Capabilities

Introduction to Agilon  Warehouse Management System (WMS) Software: Connecting material flow to data

Agilon warehouse automation is a comprehensive material handling solution that combines innovative software, a modular and scalable automated warehouse system, seamless user interface, integrations, and mobile capabilities. 


Agilon Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Information and landscape layout of Agilon product family and supplier and customer ERP references and integrations
Agilon software includes three components: Web Portal, Access Point UI, and Mobile, with integrations to external systems.



Agilon web portal

Access critical information about your automated warehouse Agilon system effortlessly with our user-friendly customer portal,! Gain round-the-clock access to detailed information, availability, and storage transaction data with package images. Logging in to our portal provides a convenient way to track, trace, and monitor material handling processes. Additionally, you can smoothly generate essential reports, empowering you with the data needed to make informed decisions. Agilon software provides features and functions tailored to these needs, enabling transparent, efficient and streamlined warehouse operations.

Agilon warehouse automation web portal Agilon warehouse automation web portal with the reports you need in efficient production, distribution and maintenance intralogistics


Agilon and seamless ERP Integrations

Agilon warehouse automation utilizes robotics technology and IoT to automate various aspects of warehouse management, including inventory tracking, order fulfilment, and intralogistics.

Agilon software seamlessly integrates with various ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, ensuring smooth data flow across systems. Whether you use SAP, Agility ERP, IFS, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle or other ERP systems, Agilon software integrates with your chosen solution.

Furthermore, Agilon also integrates with several other MES, Access control and Business intelligence systems, such as AMOS, Arrow, Timecon, and ESMI.

Compatibility allows for smooth data exchange, providing a unified view of your warehouse and business operations. Agilon simplifies your operations by eliminating manual data entry and enabling real-time synchronization with your existing ERP systems.

Agilon Mobile for External Warehouses

For external warehouses dealing with items exceeding the 25 kg weight and size limit, Agilon provides a responsive and easy-to-use mobile solution, Agilon Mobile, featuring quick warehouse insights and transactions for efficient warehouse management. The mobile feature provides flexibility and efficiency in managing inventory, extending the benefits of Agilon to a broader range of items. Mobile is easy and quick to use anywhere and anytime with a mobile device, tablet or PDA. 

Agilon Mobile can also be an independent,  stand-alone warehouse management solution for managing warehouse transactions and materials. It is a suitable option even for small businesses with no inventory. Agilon Mobile helps to ensure a well-organized and streamlined warehouse operation by offering material flow control and transaction tracking capabilities.

A complete Agilon warehouse management system

Every Agilon solution is designed to suit each customer's specific needs and objectives. Thanks to its modular structure, the physical system can be expanded anytime after installation. Parts of the Agilon can be connected using transportation tunnels, creating a network of multiple shelves in different places and even separate floors. The correct amount of items will be handled, ensuring 100 % picking accuracy as the integrated scale continuously measures the items' weight during storage and retrievals.

It´s easy to start, as the system only requires a suitable premise, an internet connection and an earthed electrical socket. Agilon consists of a shelving system, user access points, one or several robots travelling within the shelving, and a net portal where you can remotely track stock information. 

Remote Agilon global technical remote service. Man and woman inspecting screen

Remote service and troubleshooting 24/7

The system comes with a comprehensive service contract that includes software, maintenance, spare parts, 24/7 Global Technical Support and an option for further expansion. Agilon Global Technical Support team (GTS) provides 24/7 problem-solving and troubleshooting to avoid unplanned downtime. Technical Support can remotely diagnose issues and identify appropriate corrective actions, including the need for on-site maintenance and spare parts. The team also has the information on your Agilon’s maintenance and update needs.

Unlocking warehouse excellence with Agilon

Efficiency: Optimize your material handling processes with Agilon's advanced automation capabilities, leading to faster order fulfilment and reduced operational costs.

Flexibility: Seamlessly integrate Agilon with your existing ERP system, allowing for smooth data flow and providing a unified view of your warehouse and business operations.

Scalability: Every Agilon solution is designed to suit each customer's specific needs and objectives. Thanks to its modular structure, the physical system can be expanded anytime after installation.

Control: Access critical warehouse insights and transactions effortlessly through the user-friendly portal and mobile feature, giving you real-time access to detailed information and empowering you to make informed decisions anytime, anywhere.

Streamlined Success: Experience a well-organized and streamlined warehouse operation with Agilon's material flow control and transaction tracking capabilities, ensuring accurate inventory management and overall efficiency.