Agilon enables easy monitoring and uninterrupted availability of small parts in SSAB Europe Oy, Raahe plant

SSAB Europe is the leading Nordic supplier of high-quality strip, heavy-plate and tubular products. The company’s Raahe plant specializes in maintenance services for industrial applications and production processes. The workshop sought to solve everyday problems experienced by many companies involved in manufacturing or repairs. Automated warehouse Agilon was implemented to enable easy monitoring and uninterrupted availability of small parts. 


  • Finding spare parts and materials was difficult and estimating material quantities and ordering was time consuming.
  • The repair shop’s old master material management system’s life was coming to an end


  • Ability to monitor material consumption as accurately as possible
  • Enabling low-on-stock materials to be ordered automatically by easing cooperation with subcontractors and making sure that work processes would not be disrupted
  • A Comprehensive service package


The consumption of some parts has already decreased

  • Users are satisfied as they always know where to find supplies
  • Enough supplies are always available
  • No unnecessary work interruptions, searching or waiting for the parts; employees can just pick them up directly from the system.
  • The Agilon system maintains the store in order at all times, through a carefully co-ordinated replenishment process.
  • Automated and integrated ordering processes save time. The super user’s sole duties are to maintain balance limits, check supplier invoices and monitor product user and consumption reports.
  • It is no longer necessary to take inventories.
  • Thanks to the price allocation and full visibility on usage and consumption, the consumption of some parts has already decreased.
  • Ensuring sufficient supply quantities and the availability of appropriate personal safety equipment also serves the repair shop’s number one goal – safety in the workplace.

Agilon system is used by more than 400 repair shop and field repair service employees, as well as two suppliers of small parts. The users learned to use the service quickly.


  • After planning the workshop and selecting the suitable location, a 6 metres long and 4,6 metres high Agilon system was set up to the SSAB Raahe premises in just two days. Efficient installation ensured that the workshop’s operations proceeded without disruptions. We also provided the system’s users with training on how to use it.
  • Agilon enables realtime monitoring and maintenance of the repair shop’s required small part stock levels. The quantities of items contained in boxes are updated after each transaction and this information is used to keep the items' stock levels up to date.
  • Aside from SSAB’s own personnel, two of the company’s subcontractors use Agilon. The system notifies the subcontractors by email to refill materials when inventory levels are low. A copy of the order is sent to the responsible SSAB personnel, and the subcontractor then delivers the materials to replenish the stock in the workshop’s Agilon.

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