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Overhead lifting equipment is a purchase that can impact the success and profitability of your business for decades, with profound effects on productivity and uptime. This is especially true when overhead lifting equipment is an integral part of the production process. Whether you need overhead equipment parts for emergency repairs or for scheduled preventive maintenance, knowing that you have access to first-quality OEM parts and crane and hoist brands is vital in today’s competitive global business environment.

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Konecranes is the only original equipment manufacturer and master distributor for the following 40+ crane brands:

BCH Crane™

Birmingham Crane™


Burlington Engineering
Crane and Hoist™


Crane CMH Carolina
Material Handling™

CPH Material Handling™


Crane Manufacturing
& Service (CMS)™


Dwight Foote™

EPH Material Handling™


F. T. Crowe & Company™


HPH Material Handling™







Midwest Crane & Hoists

Morris Material Handling®


MPH Crane™

Munck Canada Ltd.™


NPH Material Handling™

Orley Meyer®

Overhead Crane Ltd.™


Shepard Niles®

SPH Crane™


Stewart Wattley™


Stewart Engineering
and Equipment Co.™

Victor Browning™


Learn the history of our crane brands


P&H® built its first electric overhead crane in 1887, and soon began building its own line of motors to improve the reliability of its crane and hoist products, which became the gold standard for industrial use before the turn of the century. The same is true today: Only P&H mechanical and electrical crane parts are built to meet the specifications for P&H overhead cranes. If you own a P&H crane, P&H crane parts promise the lowest overall cost per lift over the life of your system.

Morris crane parts

Since the 1990s, Morris Material Handling has been the original equipment manufacturer of P&H cranes, hoists and replacement parts and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Konecranes, Inc. in 2006. P&H Morris crane parts are continuously improved and redesigned, bringing state of the art technology to equipment that has persisted in the field for decades. P&H parts maximize the value of your cane investment, and Konecranes is the master distributor and premier source for genuine P&H crane parts.

P&H is a registered trademark of Joy Global Surface Mining Inc. Morris Material Handling, Inc. is not affiliated with Joy Global Surface Mining Inc.

Crane Manufacturing & Service (CMS)

For nearly 50 years, Crane Manufacturing & Service (CMS) has provided engineered overhead crane solutions for severe duty industrial applications, with a strong presence in primary metals, utilities and waste-to-energy. Our focus is providing Crane Manufacturing & Service parts and modernization solutions for the thousands of CMS cranes still in use. Since CMS tailored its lifting equipment to customized specifications, many replacement components are unique to that design. So, parts, service and availability for these designs are our first concern.

We supply high-quality CMS crane parts that will meet or exceed original specifications, built by skilled craftsmen with years of custom component manufacturing experience. All designs are built to CMAA, AISE and/or customer specifications. Plus, we stock a full line of original replacement CMS crane parts tooled to our demanding OEM standards.

Shepard Niles

Shepard Niles was founded in 1878 and built its first crane in 1902. The company quickly gained a reputation for building workhorse cranes and hoists that last “practically forever.” Since then, the name Shepard Niles has come to mean unrelenting quality, reliability and long life in material handling.

Heavy duty hoist parts

With an ongoing reputation for building the toughest new H4 and H5 hoists available for heavy-duty and hot-metal applications, we also understand what it takes to make your older Shepard Niles lifting equipment work for you in the 21st century. Owned by Konecranes since 2002, Shepard Niles continues to manufacture first quality, workhorse crane and hoist parts for any type of Shepard Niles equipment ever built—parts that could keep your Shepard Niles crane running for another hundred years. The drawings, dies and tooling required to manufacture parts for the thousands of Shepard Niles workhorse cranes and hoists still in daily use are now backed by the global delivery and service of Konecranes.

We know that when you need Shepard Niles parts, you need them fast. That’s why eighty percent of our replacement Shepard Niles crane parts now ship in one to three days from Konecranes. We also have an extensive stock of standard SN OEM hoist parts on hand to facilitate quick turnaround.


If you are looking for parts support for a crane manufactured by Kranco, you’ve come to the right place. Kranco Crane Services Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas, manufactured both standard and custom overhead travelling cranes from 1/2 to 500 tons. Severe-duty specialists, Kranco built more than 12,000 cranes, primarily in the steel, petrochemical and power industries, but also branching into other applications as wide-ranging as port cranes and aircraft manufacturing. 

Konecranes acquired the assets of Kranco in 1993 and converted Kranco’s considerable engineering expertise into a company providing state-of-the-art crane modernizations: retooling, refurbishing and modernizing cranes built by Kranco and many other crane manufacturers. Rebuilding options included safety upgrades, functional upgrades, maintainability upgrades and productivity improvements.

If your company owns one of these cranes, you’ll be glad to know that a full line of OEM Kranco replacement parts are now supplied by Konecranes. In addition, as-built drawings and records of crane modernizations performed by Kranco are on file and available for reference if additional modifications are needed. Bottom line, if you have a Kranco or Kranco-modernized crane, we can support your equipment.


If you need parts support for a Northern or Northern Horizon Series crane, you’re in the right place. Northern Engineering began designing and manufacturing cranes and hoists for medium and heavy-duty industrial applications 120 years ago. There are countless twentieth-century Northern cranes still in use today, many of them in powerhouse and primary metals applications. 

Northern was acquired by CMS in 1994, and subsequently became part of the Konecranes family of crane brands. Drawings and proprietary information for Northern’s Horizon Series cranes are now available through Konecranes.

We’re here to help you achieve additional years of safe, reliable and productive service from your lifting equipment. A full line of Northern crane replacement parts tooled to our demanding engineering specs are available either in stock or built to suit your application, even if it's one of a kind. As-built drawings and crane files date back to 1899. If it's Northern Horizon crane parts you need, we can support you.

Cleveland Crane & Engineering

Cleveland Crane & Engineering has more than 100 years of experience building heavy and severe duty cranes for a host of mill and industrial-duty customers. Cleveland Crane was acquired by CMS in 1984, and subsequently became part of the Konecranes family of crane brands. Today, we focus on providing first-rate Cleveland Crane OEM parts support for all products, which are still known for strength and reliability in heavy and severe duty applications.

We offer first-quality Cleveland Crane parts that meet or exceed the original as-built specifications. A full line of Cleveland Crane assemblies and replacement parts are available for your crane, many of them in-stock.

Euclid Crane & Hoist Co.

Euclid stacker cranes

The Euclid Crane & Hoist Co., founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1909, became known for building innovative, heavy-duty lifting equipment. Euclid competed with Cleveland Crane, Northern and P & H, building overhead, gantry and stacker cranes for shipyards, steel mills, power plants, assembly lines and pulp & paper mills.

Euclid’s stacker crane, essentially a forklift mounted on a crane, was one of the first pre-computerized ASRS designs in wide use by the automotive industry. It could raise and lower easily, rotate, and be programmed to retrieve items kept in long aisles of racks and bins.

Euclid power plant cranes

Euclid was also known for power plant cranes. Beefy Euclid cranes employing gate hoists to control water flow were key elements in hydro power generation. Euclid’s groundbreaking gearbox design, which incorporated a mechanical load brake, was the impetus behind the eventual purchase and assimilation of Euclid Crane & Hoist by Kranco Crane Services Inc. in the 1970s, which later became part of Konecranes.   

Today, Euclid’s remarkable purpose-built technologies live on in many Euclid cranes still in use.  And Konecranes is your best source of OEM Euclid hoist and crane parts and components to keep your Euclid equipment operating in top condition. We offer first-quality Euclid crane parts that meet or exceed the original as-built specifications. A full line of replacement parts and assemblies are available for your Euclid crane, many in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours. 


Founded during the 1973 oil embargo, Landel was a key supplier of standard duty cranes to the natural gas and power industries in the Gulf Coast region, later branching out to supply heavy-duty EOT cranes to power companies nationwide. Landel also built cranes for steel warehouses, steel mini-mills, and pipe and tube mills supplying the oilfield industry. It became a pioneer among regional crane companies by designing and manufacturing gearboxes with mechanical load brakes. 

In 1986, Landel was acquired by Konecranes, the world’s largest manufacturer of process cranes. During that era crane technology and options for crane controls expanded rapidly, with AC variable frequency controls becoming the industry standard and largely replacing mechanical load brakes. 

Today, no matter what your Landel crane requires, from replacement parts such as wire rope, gearing, contactors and brakes to engineering support for a full range of crane capacity, safety and performance modernizations, we are here to help. We can save valuable time by referring to the original drawings for every Landel crane and hoist ever built. A full range of first-quality in stock and engineered Landel crane parts for all cranes, including the original gearbox design, is available from Konecranes.


Provincial is a name that has been associated with custom designed and fabricated heavy-duty specialty cranes for more than a century. Heavy duty overhead material handling cranes built by Provincial are seen in the manufacturing plants of the best of the world's leading industries. That's why you'll find Provincial cranes in steel mills all across North America and in major shipyards, pulp and paper mills and hydro-electric powerhouses around the globe. Today, Konecranes is the OEM for Provincial parts.

We provide all the heavy-duty Provincial crane parts you need for your equipment. If the name on your crane is Provincial, you can rely on Konecranes to provide you with the authentic spare part you need when you need it.


For almost 30 years, Kaverit Cranes & Service ULC was a Canadian market leader in crane manufacturing and service. The company's principal product lines included standard and custom lifting equipment, overhead traveling cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, monorail trolley wire rope hoists, runway systems and below-the-hook attachments. 

Kaverit became a part of Konecranes in 2006. Kaverit crane parts continue to be offered, supported and serviced with OEM training and know-how by Konecranes. We carry large stocks of OEM replacement crane parts for Kaverit cranes and hoists such as contactors, push buttons, control stations, festoon cables, conductor bar, brake linings, rope guide assemblies and wire ropes.