Bringing equality into STEM fields

We acknowledge the importance of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Our women leaders are role models in the technology field.

Their example and experiences can inspire more girls to pursue STEM careers and support women already working in these fields. We are dedicated to take an active role in raising awareness and promoting equality in STEM.

According to studies, there is not enough skilled workforce in STEM. It is estimated that 85% of jobs in 2030 do not yet exist, and many of those jobs​ will be in STEM fields. Already, there is a huge gap in terms of economic growth, innovation, diversity of content and creativity, so we need to increase women's representation in STEM professions

We want to be a company of choice for the best diverse talents, and the STEM area is very important for us. Today, our female gender diversity in STEM is 14,69%, an increase of 1.8 percentages points, comparing to 2020, and in line with our target to have a gender diversity balance at least of 22% by end of 2025.

We are committed to develop in this area systematically working on narrowing the gap.

STEM related stories told by our people

We are dedicated to offering equal opportunities to all our current and future employees. We aim to provide chances to our people because we think that a diverse and talented workplace is the foundation of success. Get to know the stories of our wonderful women who are working in STEM areas!

Elizabeth Owoade, Offshore Delivery Manager

When Elizabeth was younger, she wanted to teach music. However, when she started her studies at university, she quickly realized her growing passion for science.

In one of her computing lectures, Elizabeth's lecturer told the class that the women representation here is a good example of the representation of women working in IT. This really stuck with Elizabeth, and she decided to pursue her career in STEM.

Today, she works as an Offshore Delivery Manager with us. She wants to encourage all women and girls to pursue their dreams even if others would question them. 

Lisa Külpmann, Production Planning and Production Analysis Manager

In Lisa's early stages of her career, she couldn't see her career progressing any further due to a lack of female role models.

She decided to talk to her manager about her situation and see if there could be some prospect in regards to her career.

Soon after the conversation, Lisa was offered a manager position. She encourages all her female colleagues to speak up and ask for opportunities where they can prove themselves.

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