Virtual reality emulation environment for testing, tuning and optimizing your container terminal operating system (TOS). Optimise your terminal operating system ahead of deployment, using our advanced emulation tool.

CONTROLS enables you to tune the TOS using a virtual model of your terminal for training your people and eliminating any issues ahead of go-live.

Why choose CONTROLS to test and tune your container terminal operation system?

CONTROLS tests and validates terminal operating system functionality by replicating complex operational conditions before you deploy. Tune the yard, equipment, terminal automation and control parameter settings of the TOS for maximum performance. Virtual training prepares your people for all eventualities without any disruption to live operation.

  • CONTROLS models an exact digital replica of your terminal for exceptional tuning and training.
  • Iron out process errors in advance reduces disruption to terminal operations after live TOS deployment
  • Emulates all types of terminal automation and cargo handling systems.

CONTROLS Emulation that’s built for:

Terminal Operating Systems

Optimized Terminal Operating Systems for error-free operation pre-deployment. CONTROLS is available for 9 Terminal Operating Systems.


Test your TOS in near-to-live circumstances allowing you to operate more leanly and more profitably


Set and modify TOS parameter settings with measurable results. CONTROLS tunes your terminal operating system so you know it will work in perfect harmony with your mix of people, equipment, automation and operational demand.


Equip planners to achieve the best usage of their everyday system

Equipment Control Systems

Increasing the scope of emulation by integrating with the control systems of automated equipment.

Performance Testing

Integration with ECS brings your emulation performance tests to the next level. Measure the real performance of your ECS before go-live and identify improvement potential in conjunction with the real TOS behaviour.

System Testing

The seamless integration of TOS and ECS is mission critical for (semi) automated terminal operations. With CONTROLS you can test this integration under near-to-live circumstances, for example peak operations; CONTROLS has been integrated with six different ECS from various vendors.

Verifying Equipment Performance

By connecting the real equipment to our test tools, you can compare the actual performance of the real equipment to the emulation results, using the exact same performance testing scenario.

Advanced Container Terminal Emulation

In use daily at over 20 container terminals worldwide and with 50 implementations successfully completed, CONTROLS is the flexible choice for exceptional TOS testing, tuning, and training. It connects directly to your terminal operating system and digitally replicates your actual terminal to create a realistic, data-led and end-to-end test environment.

  • Test your terminal operating system in a near-to-live virtual environment to model all circumstances and commercial scenarios.
  • Tune terminal operating system parameter settings with KPIs and measurable results.
  • Train your people in tactical and strategic best practice, remotely or on-site in a safe, virtual environment.
  • Proven with all leading container terminal operating systems
  • CONTROLS enables frictionless implementation through testing, tuning and training.
  • Superior user experience that’s highly intuitive and simple to use