Customized digital and face-to-face TOS training to get the most out of your terminal performance. Suitable for on-boarding, best practice and cost reduction.

Highlights of software training :

  • TOS training that spans all operational areas, including vessel planning, yard planning, dispatching and execution.
  • Independent best practice, tips & tricks TOS training that channels all our market experience.
  • 'Learn more by doing' with gamified training in a near-to-live emulated setting.

TOS Schooling, Best Practice & On-boarding

Bespoke training plan(s) encompassing 3 different learning aspects for the chosen TOS: theory, best practice, and hands-on exercises. Users review their decisions in emulated environments or with our enhanced software tools.

Match User's Needs

Lessons covering vessel planning, yard planning, dispatching & advanced modules for deep understanding.

Interactive Lessons

Engaging content with feedback loops and gamification modules to improve knowledge, motivate active participation and stimulate learning.

Real-life Scenarios

Emulation facilitates the learning process and aids memory recall in real-life scenarios.

Learn By Doing

Requires users to actively work on practical exercises to ground the lessons learned from the theory and demos.

Performance Objectives

High-value tips and tricks for exploiting the functionality of your terminal operating system.