Straddle Carriers

Straddle carriers DE53 and DE54

Our eight-wheel DE53 and DE54 straddle carriers are reliable, high-performance workhorses in the stradd terminal yard, stacking 1-over-2 and 1-over-3 respectively. They have been adopted by a number of leading stradd terminal operators, who have been convinced by the combination of smart machines and full service that Konecranes is able to provide.


The Konecranes BOXRUNNER is a special stradd for quayside-to-yard container transfer operations. It’s short, fast and reliable, of particular interest to container terminal operators adopting automation.

A strong sense of control

The electronic-hydraulic steering system of a Konecranes straddle carrier provides a strong sense of control over the machine in contact with the drive surface and the containers it handles. The steering system aligns the wheels precisely, ensuring directional stability and reducing tire wear.

World-class ride

The chassis of a Konecranes straddle carrier has either six or eight independently suspended wheels, each with its own maintenance-free (grease-free) suspension system. The design of the suspension system is based on a special alignment of spring elements and bearings that effectively controls rod movement during driving and braking, ensuring excellent stability in all driving situations.

Born to lift

The hoist motors, rope drums and gear boxes of the hoisting system are designed and manufactured by Konecranes in-house. They work together flawlessly, in true balance with the lifting work they do. Our straddle hoisting system is well-known and field-proven in our RTG and RMG cranes.

Our straddle hoisting system offers a reliable lifting capacity of 50 metric tons Safe Working Load under spreader. The yoke beam is very rigid. If a collision occurs, the force is transferred to special bolts that break in a controlled manner—reducing the extent of the damage and downtime.