Konecranes Noell A-SPRINTER

Konecranes, the inventor of automated horizontal transport, is pleased to introduce the Konecranes Noell Automated Sprinter Carrier (A-SPRINTER) for automated horizontal transport at greenfield automated terminals.

On the machine side, the A-SPRINTER is based on its manual counterpart like the Konecranes Noell A-STRAD, and thus benefits from the same advantages. Foremost among these is the excellent diesel-electric drive system, which gives outstanding maneuvering precision, a particular advantage with automation.

The picture is completed by our ability to provide A-SPRINTER machines complete with interchange control and fence control systems and software.

The following Konecranes Noell Sprinter Carriers are offered in A-SPRINTER versions: 


Product Lifting capacity [t]* Stacking capability (9’6” container) Maximum travel speed [km/h]**:
NSC 424 E 40 1-over-1 32
NSC 624 E 50 1-over-1 32
NSC 424 E ECO 40 1-over-1 32
NSC 624 E ECO 50 1-over-1 32

* In exceptional cases 60 t (66); actual capacity dependent on capacity of spreader
** Electronically controlled for safety reasons E: Diesel-electric drives (hoisting and taveling)
E ECO: Diesel-electric drives (hoisting and traveling) as hybrid with ECOCap energy recover system

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