Smart Cabin

Comfortable Smart Cabin for increased productivity

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Some overhead crane operators spend hours on end sitting in the same position, operating heavy-duty overhead cranes, Rubber Tired Gantrys and Straddle Carriers. Straining to reach buttons or see the load through windows or a television monitor can cause tension, back pain and fatigue.

To combat these problems, Konecranes studied crane operators in their cabins. “We adopted a user-centered design approach to design this cabin, which included observing the operators and their activities during their work, says Johannes Tarkiainen, Industrial Design Manager at Konecranes. “We also interviewed the operators to learn what improvements they desired for their work environment. The cabin design is therefore based on existing user needs.”

More ergonomics, less crane operator strain

Using information gathered from cab operators themselves, Konecranes developed a Smart Cabin with 60% more windows than traditional cabs. This improvement in visibility reduces worker strain by providing a clear view of the working space. The control consoles are placed within reach and are logically positioned in tune with the work process. Operators can feel comfortable in the oversized padded seats.

Konecranes has various models of the Smarter Cabin to meet the working needs of operators in various environments. Differences in visibility, control settings and seat placement make each model uniquely suited for their particular roles.

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