Hoists are industrial lifting devices that use either a wire rope, chain, or belt to lift and move a load. They are attached to cranes or other lifting equipment. Konecranes supplies hoists globally and tops its equipment with extensive range of available services.

Safe and Flexible Hoists for Any Industry

Konecranes’ manufactured hoists deliver a large range of products for industrial applications - including electric and manual hoists, as well as hoists for hazardous environment. With the extensive scale of customer industry environments in which our hoists are designed to operate and the related standards they use, our hoists are sure to meet the necessary international safety and operational standards.

Lifting capacities of our hoists range between 60 kg to 80 tons. Whether the lifting and pulling needs are irregular or continuous, our hoists lift smoothly and offer optimum control for their users.

The Red Dot Award winning CLX chain hoists are a good choice for industrial applications. CLX chain hoists, with variable speeds and a load range from 60 kg to 5,000 kg, are highly versatile.

Hoisting Equipment Topped with Services for Any Lifting Devices

Konecranes offers a full range of services for the hoists it supplies globally. Services are available not only for Konecranes proprietary hoists but also for any lifting equipment your industry uses. What’s more, our services are scaled according to the business performance requirements.

Explore our hoist supply and contact Konecranes to meet the lifting needs of your business!