Remuneration Philosophy

Konecranes remuneration philosophy aims to attract, retain and motivate talented employees. We consider incentives and learning opportunities as drivers and as vital parts of the total employee experience. Remuneration is linked to performance and achievements in all organizational levels.

Our remuneration is designed to promote high performance and commitment to our business targets. The goal of the Konecranes remuneration schemes is to drive competitiveness and long-term financial success of the company, as well as to contribute to the positive development of shareholder value.

Konecranes positions itself to the employer market based on the geographical locations of the employees and the employee groups. We are prepared to make additional investments on employer markets where Konecranes employer brand is less distinguished and where less career opportunities exist inside the company. Also, we are prepared to invest more in fast-developing markets, such as countries with high inflation. The definition of market varies between employee groups. For operatives and staff, Konecranes predominantly uses local benchmark companies. As for management, we benchmark ourselves with international companies based on management’s geographical location.

Konecranes employee experience