Malin Persson

Ms. Malin Persson b. 1968
Board Member since 2005
Member of the Audit Committee since 2012
Member of the Nomination and Compensation Committee 2005–2011
M.Sc. (Eng. )

Principal occupation: CEO & Owner, Accuracy AB

Primary working experience
The Chalmers University of Technology Foundation: President and CEO 
Volvo Group: Holder of various executive positions including:
Volvo Technology Corporation: President and CEO 
AB Volvo: Vice President, Coporate Strategy and Business Development
Volvo Transport Corporation: Vice President, Business & Logistics Development

Current key positions of trust
Ahlström Capital Oy: Board Member
Becker Industrial Coatings AB: Board Member
Getinge AB: Board Member
Hexatronic Scandinavia AB: Board Member
Hexpol AB: Board Member
Magnora AB: Board Member
Mekonomen Group AB: Board Member
Peab AB: Board Member
Ricardo Plc: Board Member

Malin Persson is independent of the company and its significant shareholders.