Manual Hoists for Hazardous Environment

Konecranes EKMII manual chain hoists and EKPT manual trolleys are made for safety and reliability. Built to last, their mechanics have been carefully designed to minimize the risk of sparks when used normally. They are also a cost-effective solution when you don't need to lift every day. The explosion proof EKMII can lift up to 20 metric tons.

We have the knowledge that only comes from many years of experience making equipment for explosive atmospheres. Combine the EKMII and EKPT for an economical lifting solution in gas and dust hazardous environments.

A Safer Manual Hoist Solution

At Konecranes, safety is always our highest priority. A galvanized load chain, a stainless steel hand chain, bronze-coated hooks and wheels, and powder painting are all standard features. A safety latch on your hooks, an overload limiter, and rubber end buffers combine to ensure the safety of your load and your people. Without electronics, there is no risk of a short circuit.

Your Konecranes hoist and trolley comply with the EU ATEX directives, and follow European standards for explosive atmopsheres.

Manual trolleys and manual hoists flexible for your needs

The EKMII manual chain hoist can cope with a wide range of lifting jobs. It is fully tested and approved from 500 kg to 20 metric tons. Available in a hook suspended, chain travel trolley, or push travel trolley version, it will easily modernize your current equipment.

Imagine a manual hoist and trolley that's safe to use in the most demanding hazardous environment: that's the EKMII and EKPT. Whether you need to lift in an oil refinery, a power plant, or any other industrial site, Konecranes has the ideal lifting solution for you.