Mining Services

Lifting Loads for the Mining Industry

From extraction to production and refining, Konecranes offers extensive expertise in overhead material handling for all mining applications. No other crane company in the world serving the mining industry can match the Konecranes application knowledge, engineering expertise and product range. We are proud to be the world’s largest crane service company, servicing all brands and makes of overhead cranes and providing our own line of lifting equipment including overhead cranes, hoists, process cranes and more.

Operating in more than 45 countries around the globe, Konecranes has brick and mortar facilities in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Brazil and Chile: in each of these countries we have several active Service branches within mining industrial areas.

Our shared knowledge through our global team of crane experts, hands-on experience, continuous R&D investment and strategic acquisition of other well-known companies and brands has helped Konecranes develop a mining expertise that is trusted around the world.

Servicing P&H® Hoists, Overhead Cranes and Parts
In 2006, Konecranes acquired Morris Material Handling Inc. and its highly-respected P&H® lines of heavy-duty overhead cranes, hoists and replacement parts, and we are committed to supporting the P&H® legacy, especially for our customers in the mining industry.

This commitment is reflected in the following:

  • Educational services through the Konecranes Training Institute (formerly the P&H® Institute).
  • Continued availability of Prescription Parts™ through Konecranes and Crane Pro Parts™
  • Continued availability of CJ and Hevi-Lift hoists – very much still popular and sought after!
  • In many cases, the same highly-competent service personnel – the only thing different is their uniform!

P&H® is a registered trademark of Harnischfeger Technologies Inc. and is used by Morris Material Handling, Inc. under license. Morris Material Handling, Inc. is not affiliated with Harnischfeger Technologies Inc. or P&H Mining Equipment Inc.

Konecranes Will Go the Distance, No Matter How Remote Your Mine Is

We understand that most mine locations are often hours away from any major cities and getting prompt and qualified service on your cranes can many times be difficult.

We provide our expert crane service even to remote locations through a range of strategies: you can always count on Konecranes to go the distance.

Konecranes can help by:

  • Taking on complete maintenance programs
  • Supplementing your in-house maintenance crew with our expertise and manpower
  • Working with your in-house union or non-union crane maintenance teams

Konecranes’ Onsite Service Contracts

Konecranes is fully equipped to locate a technician or an entire crane repair team at your site. We’ll bring an office/trailer and living quarters, making sure that preventive maintenance and expert repairs are always minutes away. A Konecranes site contract can help you by relieving you employment responsibilities including selection, recruitment, retention, benefits or cyclical trends in commodity prices that can impact the needs of your work team.

Modernize Your Aging Overhead Cranes

In and around mines, the harsh operating conditions and extreme duty requirements can take their toll on even the most well-designed and manufactured equipment. Mining cranes working over crushers and tank houses are often dusty and corrosive. Truck shop maintenance cranes often face operator error and overload.

Virtually any crane, even 50 year old cranes, can gain new life by replacing hoisting machinery, controls and old-style brakes with upgraded modern components suitable. We can evaluate your application’s exact conditions required and choose the exact components you will need to extend the life of your cranes and enhance their performance, no matter what the brand!

To comply with new safety regulations or increased production demands, upgrading your crane equipment can be the solution.

Do you have a mining operation that must remain competitive? Konecranes has a reputation of quick job turnarounds, and we routinely design crane components and provide engineers dedicated to crane modernization, making sure your mining cranes are operating at full capacity.

Mining Crane Parts: Any Brand, Any Crane, Any Part

Konecranes understands parts, and we are the leading crane maintenance provider in the Americas and around the world. Our crane service teams are highly-trained to understand each installed brand’s unique requirements to service your equipment in accordance with OE M specifications.

Prescription Parts™

Typically, these parts include material, design and manufacturing process improvements that work to enhance system/equipment performance and reduce your overall life cycle cost. Each part is designed and engineered to meet or surpass OE M requirements, just like the parts supplied with your crane, regardless of brand.

Reverse Engineering Process

Often, it can difficult or impossible to find parts for your older cranes. Through our advanced reverse engineering process, virtually any hard-to-find or obsolete part can be manufactured according to its original specifications.

Training and Certification

MHSA Trained Technicians

We can supply as many OS HA-trained and/or MSHA-trained technicians (in applicable jurisdictions) as you need to get your job done the right way.

Train your operators for safety and compliance. At Konecranes, we offer four ways to train through the Konecranes Training Institute (formerly the P&H® Institute)

  • Konecranes Training Institute courses at our Los Angeles training center.
  • Our permanent training facility in Milwaukee, equipped with a 5,200 sq. ft. hands-on lab.
  • Regional Seminars. Scheduled in 40 cities per year, reducing your costs and travel time.
  • On-Site Courses. Eliminate additional travel expenses and let us do a standard course at your site or customize a course to meet your needs for any size group.

And Much More!

Ask your Konecranes representative about our suite of Advanced Diagnostics and Performance Services and our MAINMAN preventive crane maintenance program.