Ole Johansson

Mr. Ole Johansson b. 1951
Vice Chairman of the Board since 2017
Board Member and Member of the Audit Committee since 2015 
Member of the Nomination Committee since 2017
Vice Chairman of the Board 2015 - 2016
B.Sc. (Econ.)

Principal occupation: Board professional

Primary working experience:
Wärtsilä Corporation 2000–2011: President & CEO
Wärtsilä NSD Oy 1998–2000: President & CEO
Wärtsilä Corporation 1975–1998: Vice President, Wartsilä Diesel Inc.
and Wärtsilä Diesel Group; various positions in Finland, USA, France and Switzerland

Current key positions of trust
Svenska Handelsbanken AB: Board Member

Ole Johansson is independent of the company and its significant shareholders.*

*Until May 3, 2019 Ole Johansson was deemed to be dependent of a significant shareholder of the Company.