Petrochemical Industry Cranes

Coker Crane Solutions

Konecranes design standards for coker cranes apply 15 years of experience in this industry to address users concerns for performance in harsh environments, with emphasis on operator safety, long-term reliability and highest product life-cycle. Design features are developed through dialogue with refinery users all over the world.

Our global support network skilled in the standardized components ensures competent support on a timely Konecranes innovative Remote Expert access is available to provide quick response technical support.

Our coker cranes are purpose-designed to deal with the rugged environmental conditions over the coke pit. This includes protection against penetration of coke dust, which is abrasive to mechanical components and, due to its conductive properties, harmful to electrical components. In addition, vapors generated over the hot coke contain corrosive elements. Our coker cranes are equipped with chemical filters to protect the crane operator and the electrical controls.

Product range

Configurations to fit all coke pit/pad layouts.

Cranes used in refinery delayed coker units handle coke from the point of discharge at the coke drums to intermediate storage in the pit/pad layout and then to the crusher/hopper in preparation for conveyance to off-site storage. All variations of coker cranes are assembled with the same standardized components. Interchangeability reduces part counts and speeds up delivery of replacement spares.