Konecranes’ next generation Agilon brings components safely to the right place

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Konecranes introduces the next generation Agilon material handling solution at the KunnossapitoForum 2015 exhibition in Tampere, Finland, on March 25-26, 2015. Agilon is now available with a transportation tube connecting different modules to a comprehensive in-house logistics solution. The transaction capacity is further improved by including additional robots that pick the selected parts and bring them straight to the access points.

The multi-award-winning and patented Agilon is an industrial internet application that helps improving efficiency and safety in industrial companies. The system consists of a net portal, user access points, a shelving system, and one or several robots that travel within the shelving. The Agilon has up until now mainly been sold in Finland, but it will gradually also be offered elsewhere.

The new Agilon uses a transportation tube that connects all of the modules in the shelving – a network that can consist of multiple shelves in different places and even separate floors. It can be used for storing and managing thousands of different components, providing real-time information on component inventory through an Internet connection. A user interface shows the availability of parts and displays an image of the specific part that is needed.

“The Agilon has reformed how we use space in factories and the way people work on the factory floor. Instead of looking for items and moving them, workers can now put their time to better use and concentrate on being more productive,” says Tapani Tilus, Vice President for Agilon Business at Konecranes.

The Agilon can handle material from matchbox-sized items to small crates weighing up to 25 kilos, conveniently delivering them to the user access point. The system is sold with a comprehensive service contract that includes software, remote support, maintenance, spare parts and an option for further expanding the modular system.

Further information:
Tapani Tilus, VP, Agilon Business, Konecranes
E-mail: [email protected] or phone +358 40 716 7181

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Miikka Kinnunen, Director, Investor relations, Konecranes
[email protected] or phone. +358 20 427 2050

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The Konecranes Agilon is capable of having several modular shelves that can be placed next to each other or at multiple locations. The modules are connected by transportation tubes.


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