Konecranes expands Live Channel capability to demonstrate crane safety features online

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Global crane technology leader Konecranes is now hosting Live Channel demonstrations of crane safety features for Americas Region customers that more closely match available demonstration windows with time zones in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.

“This evolution is all part of Konecranes’ emphasis on doing business conveniently and wisely in the digital world,” says Edward Di Cesare, director of marketing, industrial crane products for Region Americas. “We are putting our customers’ health and safety first by offering demonstrations of our Safe Features online without the need to travel. For an individual, or particularly for a group, the potential savings in time and money are enormous.” 

Customers schedule a demonstration of the features they are interested in through the Konecranes website.

Safe Features that can be previewed on Live Channel include Active Sway Control, Hook Centering, Snag Prevention, Protected Areas, Target Positioning and End Positioning. The interface provides three simultaneous views: a wide angle that shows the demonstrator and the demonstration facility, a close-up view of the belly-box radio control panel and a view of the load from above. Participants can see how load sway can be eliminated in three simultaneous views.

A study commissioned by Konecranes revealed that load sway is the number-one cause of all crane-related injuries or fatalities. Thirty-seven percent of all crane incidents stem from load sway, and nearly 40 percent of those incidents result in a fatality.

“The value of integrating Safe Features into the purchase of an overhead crane can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in avoiding just one incident,” says Di Cesare.  

According to Di Cesare, Live Channel was recently demonstrated at the head office of a major global manufacturer in Brazil, while the actual crane being operated was in Europe, several time zones and thousands of miles away. Customers at the meeting were impressed by the quality and convenience of the demonstration. The presenter wore a Bluetooth headset and responded to questions when participants asked for more detail about how individual Safe Features work. Viewers could literally direct the operator as if they were there in the same facility.  

“These customers were able to witness first-hand the benefits of Konecranes Safe Features without leaving their office,” says Di Cesare. “They were so impressed with the demonstration that they have committed to specifying Safe Features on future crane orders.”

Di Cesare underlined the need for business to be digitally proactive in challenging times, with an increased emphasis on customer service.

“Presentations like this can be conveniently synchronized with our customer’s business day, whether they are working from a manufacturing facility, or from their home. Live Channel allows them to interface with a live operator and see in real time how our Safe Features can improve operator safety and efficiency.”Interested parties in the Americas can book their Live Channel session on the Konecranes website on this page: https://www.konecranes.com/en-us/equipment/overhead-cranes/live-channel.
This press release is available at www.konecranesUSA.com.

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