Remote Production Monitoring

Konecranes production monitoring service for your machine tools is designed to capture and monitor the actual usage of your machine tools through remote connection and deliver that information in an online report. Real-time productivity follow-up of machine tools helps identify the efficiency improvement needs in the production process.

Production monitoring in real-time

This production monitoring service automatically captures data on the actual usage of your machine tools. The data is transmitted to Konecranes, where it is compiled with the information registered by the machine operator into online views and reports. The production monitoring information is available to you 24/7 in the Konecranes Customer Portal.

Improving equipment efficiency with true information

In the online reports, detailed graphs and pictures illustrate the equipment availability of your machine tools in an easy-to-understand form. This helps you make smart decisions regarding your production process, whether it means capacity adjustments, efforts to minimize stoppages or even new investments.

Benefitting from true information for smart decisions

With the production monitoring service you can optimize your equipment efficiency. It enables you to identify bottlenecks in the production process and see the availability of your machine tools. It also assists you to benchmark the performance of different production lines and locations. Moreover, production monitoring services help you identify the need for new machine tools and the critical machines for corrective actions.