That's what we did when we created our new CXT UNO. We selected the essential features and core components based on our experience and focused on their role in our robust, proven technology. The result is a new crane and hoist combination that is affordable to every lifting business. CXT UNO is an economical, high-quality Konecranes product designed for safe, dependable performance every day.

The CXT UNO brings the acclaimed Konecranes quality into your everyday work at a very sensible price. This is possible because we listened to our customers’ most basic material handling needs. We created a concept of simple construction with an emphasis on basic, well-tried technical and electrical components. At the center of the CXT UNO is our high-quality CXT hoist and redesigned, optimized Konecranes components. The effective use of these core components enables us to deliver CXT UNO as a competitively priced package.

Easy maintenance is a standard feature

The CXT UNO is easy to maintain. It has a clean configuration with easy component access. Simple construction also means there are less breakable parts. Our CXT components are reliable – they are designed for long life.

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