Die Gripper Crane with WMS 2: 4 + 4 3D animation

Proven automotive lifting equipment image

The animation shows a Konecranes Die Gripper Crane in a Stamping Plant at a Press Line with five moving bolsters on both sides of Press doing a die set change. Idle station for bolster number 5 is not shown in the animation for simplification.

Four dies are taken from Press bolsters back to warehouse and a new set of four is moved from warehouse to bolsters. 

In this animation, there is one warehousing rule: die number 1 for bolster number 1 must always be the bottommost die on the floor.  This affects the die change sequence. A Konecranes Warehouse Management System, WMS, has all the warehousing rules in its database and WMS is giving all the transfer instructions to crane PLC.


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