Do-it-Yourself Yard Crane CMS Upgrade Kit

Remote Center

Most Konecranes port cranes delivered between 2005 and 2018 will have computer components and software that is not only outdated, but no longer repairable
because spare parts are out of manufacture.

Now you can get all the advantages of Konecranes technology in a DIY kit. Bring your equipment up to the standards and specs of those rolling off the factory
floor today.

The power of our technology is now in your hands.

The Crane Management System (CMS) is an application for crane diagnostics and for collecting crane operation and usage data. The Konecranes CMS is a high-performance, stand-alone computer application which is designed specifically for cranes. With a functioning CMS system you have access to crane status indication, crane online monitoring, indication of active faults, fault history, operational data, crane usage data and PDF documentation for your crane.

Port Parts Upgrade Box

What's in the box?


• Latest version of the CMS computer (always included)
• Replacement cables (always included)
• New capacitor-based UPS system (when replacing older
CMS systems)
• New keyboard and mouse (when replacing older
CMS systems)
• Updated operating system Windows 10 (always included)
• Updated Wonderware licenses (when replacing older
CMS systems)
• The old software application and database transferred
to new operating system without any functional
changes (always included)


• Availability of parts
• Faster and more stable CMS
• Upgraded to Windows 10
• Battery-based UPS is very often the reason for CMS failures; upgrade kits to older model cranes always include a new capacitor-based UPS.


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