Customer story

InSinkerator ranks Konecranes technicians #1 in service

Konecranes technicians on the worksite

InSinkErator, a division of Emerson, is the world’s largest manufacturer of home and commercial food waste disposers – a technology the company invented in 1927. InSinkErator also manufactures hot water dispensers.

Technicians carry the load

Dan Wasik, maintenance supervisor for InSinkErator, appreciates how smoothly two of his company’s overhead cranes operate since Konecranes modernized them with variable frequency drives (VFDs). The VFDs on the 5-ton cranes, which play critical roles in production – lifting coils of steel and round bar stock – reduce wear and tear as they relieve torque on the motor. This reduction saves the company on maintenance and downtime costs.

But that’s not what Wasik commented on at the end of a meeting where Mike Klevenow, Konecranes Milwaukee branch manager, reviewed crane inspection records with InSinkErator’s operations team.


Rising to the top

In front of the group, Wasik praised Konecranes’ technicians. “Out of the multitude of vendors we deal with, Konecranes has to be number one,” Wasik said. “Their technicians are professional. They’re courteous. They follow every safety guideline. They make sure to sign off on every document. They’re professional and through. It’s a pleasure to have them here.”

Wasik’s appreciation explains an unusual request he made of Klevenow: to assign Konecranes technicians to repair a parts dumper – a piece of equipment outside Konecranes usual realm.


A strong, trusting relationship

Klevenow questioned this request, recommending that Wasik work with the original equipment manufacturer. However, he said, Wasik explained: “’You’re my guy. I’m willing to pay extra because you’ll get me the right part.’” Plus, Wasik said, the vendor of the parts dumper wasn’t responding to his calls.

“I knew I would get quick turnaround with Konecranes and good communication,” Wasik said. He added he wasn’t disappointed. He’s built a good rapport and a high level of trust for the Konecranes team. “They’ve always been brutally honest about what we need to do to be in compliance. I don’t see anyone on their team wavering from that.”

“Konecranes helps us meet our production numbers. Unless the equipment is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, they are able to find a way to get us back in service quickly.”


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