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Kliewe GmbH

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Konecranes has designed for the production facilities of Kliewe GmbH a total of eight CXTS NEO cranes including the CARE maintenance program.

Profile of Kliewe GmbH

Kliewe GmbH is one of the leading German companies for the industrial engineering of systems, containers, and pipes. More than 200 employees in the Hamburg headquarters develop customer solutions for the storage, production, transport and tempering of media. The industries range from chemistry and energy via pharma and cosmetics all the way to aviation.


Starting point

Kliewe has built a new headquarters in Hamburg with production surfaces of more than 2,300 square meters, including a hall for black steel processing. As a future-oriented company, Kliewe focuses on efficiency as well as the latest technology and thus needs top crane systems.



Kliewe places high demands on the new production plant. All processes, including lifting and transport technology, for example for the mounting, welding, and loading of pipes must be optimized. The productivity and the safety of transport movements should increase significantly and the cranes must be monitored digitally.



Konecranes already advised Kliewe during the construction of the new production halls. In order to meet the high demands, Konecranes designed eight CXTS NEO single-girder bridge cranes. The six CXTS NEO cranes of the first production hall have a bearing capacity of 3.2 to 10 tonnes with span widths of 9.05 to 18.90 meters. The two CXTS NEO cranes for the second hall used for black steel processing have a 5-tonne bearing capacity and 9.50 meters of span width.



All CXTS NEO cranes are equipped with state of the art technology. Their mini joystick remote control can be operated with only one hand. The ASR hoisting inverter automatically adjusts the lifting speed of the current load of the hoist and thus increases operational comfort, productivity and service life of the crane system with reduced energy consumption. TRUCONNECT Remote Service collects via remote connection the crane’s operational data and makes them available online. The energy chain protects all cables from the switchbox to the hoisting gear.


Customer benefits

With the eight CXTS NEO cranes, the production of systems and pipes including the loading of the tubing and the steel, metal, tin, and special structures onto trucks is now safer, more precise and faster. Thanks to the mini joystick remote control, long pipes can now be fixated and transported by one employee. TRUCONNECT Remote Service allows digital data remote diagnosis, preventative maintenance and thus high levels of availability of the crane systems.


And what does Kliewe GmbH have to say?

“The support from Konecranes was truly excellent, as was the subsequent installation of the crane systems in our production halls. Our experience with the CXTS NEO cranes is very good, both in the large production hall and in the second, more recent hall. We are so happy that we’ve also decided for the CARE full maintenance package offered by Konecranes for the maintenance of the cranes. This makes sure we receive the full service long-term and are very well equipped for the future."


Thomas Kliewe

Managing Director

Kliewe GmbH

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