Konecranes noted as one of the most interesting circular economy companies in Finland

How do we move to a circular economy, in which consumption is based on using services – sharing, renting and recycling – instead of owning things?


Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, has published a list of almost 100 firms which are the most interesting from the point of view of the circular economy. Konecranes is one of the firms on the list with its automated warehouse management system AGILON. Sitra wants to use "The most interesting companies in the circular economy" list to present Finland's most inspiring examples of the circular economy and give all Finnish companies the opportunity to be among the first in the world to switch to a circular economy. The new everyday life will be based on using services instead of owning things.

We sell a comprehensive warehouse management service, AGILON, as a service to our customers. With the service model, we are able to work in close co-operation with our customers, which improves understanding of the customer's situation and our ability to cater to the needs of the customers in changing environments. This has eliminated the need for customers to invest in the latest technology and carry out their own maintenance. A monthly charge for the service includes remote monitoring and proactive maintenance, and highly advanced digitalization, which enables monitoring throughout the supply chain.

The warehouse management system is administered and serviced using remote administration. A robot delivers the requested goods from the warehouse to the person making the request while optimizing the warehouse slot according to usage levels. The system can be connected to a variety of software solutions, for example automating purchase orders. In addition, the remote control of the system reduces logistical needs: the required service can be identified without needing to visit the site. This reduces the environmental impact of the operations.

The modular structure of the system enables it to be built in the customer's existing premises. Because of the closed implementation of the solution, space can be used more efficiently while improving the occupational safety of warehouse management. The system consumes little energy and does not require lighting, as the robot's actions are optimized using artificial intelligence. The system is set up based on customer needs and can be expanded if needs change. The system is made up of modules so it can be reused.

By: Satu Kaivonen, Environmental Specialist, Finland

Reference article: SITRA, the Finnish Innovation Fund.

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