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Enzhi Li is a Technical Training Manager in Shanghai 

Konecranes People - Enzhi LiEnzhi Li’s father was a lifelong barber who loved his job so much he was still cutting hair at age 80. That dedication to his craft and serving customers helped shape Enzhi’s own career with Konecranes, which began more than two decades ago. 

“I was influenced so much by my father, who served his clients wholeheartedly,” Enzhi said. “I also love my job and try my best to serve for our customers.”  


From crane service to technical training 

Enzhi earned a bachelor’s degree from Qilu Industry University of Technology in China, and was introduced to Konecranes through an employment agency. In November 1997, he joined the company in Singapore, where his first job was working as a crane service maintenance engineer. Five years later, he transferred to Shanghai, China.  

A strong interest in technology and years of working as a service engineer helped Enzhi seamlessly transition into sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He’s now a training manager in the service department, overseeing technical, safety and customer training, and also providing technical support.  

“Konecranes has a very good training plan and schedule for every technician – from low level to high level,” he said. “It takes about three years for technicians to finish all of the training courses, which they participate in at least two times a year, one week at a time.” 

Training courses include on-boarding for new technicians, crane repair and maintenance courses, and trainings on ControlPro, remote monitoring, every type of inverter, Konecranes products, Demag products and safety.

“We continually try to make the training more efficient by adding new products, technology, information, training simulators, photos and videos to our training courses,” Enzhi explained. “We update our instructional guide and adjust our programs every year to make the training even better.” 


Winning customer trust through impeccable service 

Enzhi finds the work very fulfilling and has twice received accolades for internal technical training. But it was during his 10-plus years in crane service maintenance that he had some of his most rewarding career highlights.  

“I experienced so much hard work and joy,” he said. “After a problem was fixed or a difficult project was finished, we felt so excited and relaxed. We were so happy when we got to enjoy dinner together after 10 hours of working to repair a broken-down crane and get it back into service as soon as possible.” 

Enzhi still remembers clearly a service call from 2004, a time when the service department was just getting off the ground in Shanghai and building and maintaining a customer base was critical.  

“Every customer was so important to us and we got a request from one who was 700 kilometers (about 435 miles) away from Shanghai,” he said. “The customer was located in Qingdao, a city in the Shandong Province, where we didn’t have a local service branch.” 

Time was critical and the customer needed crane repairs as quickly as possible – otherwise their production line would come to a halt. The call came shortly before Enzhi and fellow technician Jingjie Chen (who’s also his trainee) got off work. Once they learned what the issue was with the crane, they packed up some tools and spare parts and headed to the airport.  

“Our baggage was too big and large to be delivered, so we divided it into two,” he explained. “Because of that, we missed our flight and had to take the next flight. By the time we arrived at the customer site, it was deep night. We started working immediately and fixed the crane just before daybreak. After a couple hours of rest, we headed back to Shanghai.” 

The whirlwind trip, immediate response and successful solution exemplify Konecranes commitment to providing service that helps customers achieve the highest lifecycle value for their equipment.   

“This was how we served our customers – and we won their trust this way. We also won their service business,” said Enzhi, adding, “the customer is our God and we always keep this in our mind.” 


Always learning and improving 

Even after working at Konecranes for the last 22 years, Enzhi said he’s still growing almost every day, especially in technical knowledge.  

“Konecranes technology keeps developing very fast, and new technology is continuously being applied in our products,” he said. “It’s never too late to learn and I still have so many things to learn. As trainers, we must always improve ourselves.” 

Fortunately, Enhzi said, Konecranes offers ample opportunities for trainers to expand their skills and knowledge by providing systematic and professional training.  

“I’ve participated in technical training, trainer’s training twice a year, and the Konecranes Training Institute and benefited greatly from all of them,” he said. “I give thanks to my leaders, colleagues and global technical training team who always give me support and provide me so many opportunities.”  

Enzhi added, “I love the Konecranes culture and environment and I love my job, so I don’t know what I’d be doing if I didn’t work here. I feel Konecranes is my home.” 


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