Konecranes People: Meet Samuele Colombo 

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Samuele Colombo is a Service Planner with Konecranes Italy 

The motivational quote, “You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them,” is an attitude Samuele Colombo applies to both his personal and professional life.  

Outside of work, Samuele enjoys long solo runs through his hometown of Lecco, against a stunning backdrop of lakeside and mountain vistas. “I run alone for miles and usually listen to deep house or rock music,” he said. “I run against myself, to push myself beyond my limits.” 

Meanwhile, Samuel’s limit-pushing career path began in April 2015, when he joined Konecranes Italy in customer service and maintenance planning.  

“At the beginning, I was hired in customer support and my main duty was to make spare parts offers,” he said. “I was a technical and commercial reference for all electro-mechanical spare parts requests and technical assistance. I also supported the sales manager in the sales division.”  

While in that role, Samuele learned the ins and outs of bridge cranes and their components – from inverters and remote monitoring systems to gear reducers and command logistics. Additionally, he investigated and implemented rules and regulations regarding workplace safety. 


Handling with care – from routine to extraordinary 

Nearly three years and “many efforts” later, Samuele is now a service planner, where he coordinates a team of nine internal and external technicians in the Lombardy region.  

He uses the technical knowledge he gained from his maintenance planner position and applies it to his current role. While each day varies, he’s primarily involved with managing and scheduling technician assignments, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget, preparing estimates and resolving customer issues.  

“My growth path led me to take on the role of maintenance planner, focusing mainly on the planning and scheduling of all routine and extraordinary service maintenance interventions and covering the role of site coordinator for the installation of new plants,” Samuele said. 

He added, “I also have direct contact with suppliers and renters for the procurement of materials and rental of necessary vehicles. I’m the main interface for our end customer and it’s always my goal to establish a relationship of trust and positive collaboration.” 


Lifting customers by providing solutions 

While receiving the respect of his superiors and serving as a reference point for technicians is gratifying, the real ‘push’ comes from earning customer trust and positive feedback.  

“The most rewarding part for me is my customers,” he said. “When you succeed in delivering on time and give the customer what he needs, it's always a win for me.” 

Case in point: A couple of years ago, one of Samuele’s customers was having longtime issues with his remote radio control crane. 

“No one had been able to find a solution and the customer began to be bothered by the constant problems and, of course, the money spent for repairs,” he said. “Most likely, the control radio model wasn’t the correct application for his kind of production. But with the support of a local supplier, I found a good solution.” 

The service team replaced all 20 transmitters with a new model, but made some minor adjustments that allowed the customer to continuing using the existing receiver. “Thanks to this solution, the customer saved money,” Samuele said. “But the most important thing was we solved his problem while continuing to earn his trust and business.” 


Italy > England > United States > Back to Italy 

While in high school, Samuele took quantity surveyor courses, which provided a solid educational foundation for his eventual path to Konecranes.  

Following graduation, he headed to a seaside town in England to immerse himself in English courses at Sidmouth International School (he also speaks French). From there, he crossed the Atlantic to study abroad for a year at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business in Richmond, Va.  

“After I came back to Italy, I wanted to find a new opportunity to grow up and discover myself,” Samuele said. “This was possible thanks to a relative of mine who knew a Konecranes Italy employee. I interviewed with her and they asked me to join the team.” 


Follow your passion, make a difference 

In addition to running alone, the outdoor enthusiast also unwinds by partaking in Italy’s most popular sport. “My job is very stressful and sometimes I need to be on call, so during the weekend I try to ‘switch off’ my mind and take care of me. I especially love to play football with friends,” he said. 

And if Samuele didn’t work for Konecranes? Well, that’s the million-dollar question, he said. 

“I've always believed in the Konecranes ideology and the fact the company gives its employees many opportunities to grow,” Samuele said. “That has definitely been the case for me; I worked very hard over the years and I grew and learned a lot of things.” 

He added, “What I know is that I’m in this company and really a part of this family. I think if you work with passion and trust in what you’re doing, you can make a difference.” 

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