Konecranes Rope Guide

The new Konecranes Rope Guide is a convenient, high-quality, low-cost replacement for almost any brand of rope guide, whether Konecranes or other make, on small and mid-sized wire rope hoists. The universal design allows for a range of drum diameter with the same fast installation and high-value performance.

The rope guide is lightweight and durable, and it installs quickly and easily, with no special tools required. It is exceptionally rigid and able to withstand extreme applications and environments. The roller wheels provide smooth transition movement, which can extend service life by reducing the wear of the rope drum and the guide itself.

The guide can be made to suit a wide range of drum size and any drum pitch direction, and its modular design allows for installation of devices for new features, such as drum cleaning, side-pull prevention and rope measuring. A rope guide for a certain drum diameter can be configured to fit different hoist applications and construction.


Download the brochure to learn more about the Konecranes Rope Guide.

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