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More productivity with used mobile harbor crane

HMK 330 EG mobile harbor crane in Bergé’s terminal in the Port of Málaga

Since 2016, Bergé has seen a gradually rising demand for its handling services at its terminal in the Port of Málaga. To meet this challenge quickly and economically, the company, one of the leading Spanish logistics groups, has opted for a used Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Crane.

Bergé operates 27 terminals all over Spain and for two decades has relied on a fleet of more than ten high performance four-rope grab mobile harbor cranes from Konecranes. This is because the cranes have impressed Bergé time and again with high handling rates and particularly long service lives of more than 40,000 operating hours. Based on this positive experience, Bergé purchased a used Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Crane for its growing operations in Málaga.

HMK 330 EG mobile harbor crane

The eco-efficient diesel-electric crane was put into service in 
spring 2017 to handle bulk material and general cargo. With its powerful 50-t grab curve and a maximum lifting capacity of 80 t, it‘s a complementary to an existing crane, which could not provide the required performance. The used Konecranes Gottwald crane, formerly operated in another terminal in the south of Spain, was not only available quickly but helped Bergé to increase the handling rates rapidly in its terminal in Málaga.

Service included

Konecranes’ used crane program provides comprehensive life-cycle support. Before the used crane was handed over to Bergé, maintenance and upgrade work was carried out to make the crane more reliable, increase availability and enhance safety.

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