A new mobility tool to collect and share better quality crane data

A new mobility tool to collect and share better quality crane data

Growing in the ever-evolving world of technology, businesses small and large must emerge as innovation experts to be leaders in their industry. Konecranes is no exception. Just over ten years ago, Konecranes began streamlining its ways of working – including how to sell, manufacture and deliver services and products. This came to be a key strategic initiative called oneKONECRANES.

oneKONECRANES is about implementing the Konecranes vision—knowing in real time how millions of lifting devices perform. To support its vision, Konecranes needed to select the right systems and tools. One of those tools is a mobile app called SLIM.

SLIM, which stands for Siebel Light In Mobile, is the new mobility tool developed for Konecranes field operatives. It is an application which works online, or offline with synchronization, that allows field operatives—service technicians or certified inspectors—to review service requests and then record their work on their smartphone and review it with the customer.

In the past, field operatives would use hybrid/tablet devices in the field that would take hours to synchronize. The need to increase productivity in this area was vital. With SLIM, field operatives are now recording information on a smartphone where synchronization takes mere seconds.

In addition to fixing the synchronization issues, the shift to electronic, real-time reporting was imperative. The app is designed to document all necessary data related to service visits—from working hours and expenses to faults and measurements of the customer asset—making it the most efficient way for field operatives to record their findings in the field.

Benefits to customers

Though the SLIM app is an internal tool, customers reap the benefits as well. At the completion of each service request, the field operative will perform a Visit Review on site with the customer to share the insights of their inspection or maintenance findings, review the identified risks and improvement opportunities, and obtain decisions on recommended actions. “In the US during a Visit Review, field operatives are trained to use their iPhones equipped with SLIM to review their work and findings with the customer,” according to Jason Mirich, Product Manager – Digital Services at Konecranes. “This allows the customer to see vital information, such as deficiencies in their assets or other risks, on the operative’s device right away and permits a more open discussion. Customers can also request a PDF document of a service report or safety notification be sent to their email so that they can pull it up on their own device and experience the real-time visibility that SLIM enables.”

Aside from providing improved responsiveness and accuracy, the SLIM app facilitates easy access to asset data and maintenance history available in the MAINMAN 4 technology platform. What’s more, the data the field operatives enter into SLIM becomes available on the Konecranes customer portal,, where customers have quick and easy access to their crane maintenance information.

Transparent information for safer operations

Because field operatives are the main source for gathering information on a customer’s assets, Konecranes wants to equip them with the right tools to collect better quality data. The information recorded in SLIM is utilized by a reporting function called Service Analytics. From productivity, delivery punctuality, and recording actions on the field to scheduling, planning, and invoicing – service data analysis is used to make improvements in service operations. The knowledge gleaned from this data is used to help make Konecranes customers’ operations safer and more productive.

The rollout for SLIM began in 2016 and will continue throughout 2018. SLIM is already used by field operatives in the US and Canada, all of whom undergo two-day training sessions. It is also live in 13 other countries and five more are in progress.

When it comes to quickly and accurately recording data in the field, SLIM has proven to be a valuable tool. Its interconnectedness with other oneKONECRANES systems and tools will undoubtedly continue to make a difference in providing transparent and shared information.


Text: Jennifer Leonard
Photo: Konecranes

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