Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis 2

Detailed insights for optimal planning

An Oil Analysis assists in deciding the optimal oil change timing for hoisting, traveling and traversing gears. Hydraulic oil can also be analyzed. The service can provide useful information regarding the condition of internal gear components. For example, oil oxidation or metallic particles in oil are potential symptoms of running problems.

An optimal oil change interval is affected by equipment usage and ambient conditions; a calendar-based interval may result in too many or too few oil changes.

An Oil Analysis performed on a regular schedule, such as annually, will show trends in oil quality. Trends in oil condition may reveal defects, such as slowly accumulated fatigue on gear teeth, which may be relevant in planning more thorough inspections, overhauls or replacements.

Oil Analysis is especially recommended for production-critical cranes and high-performance lifting gears that require cost-intensive oils or costly downtime.


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